The World’s Most Dangerous and Beautiful Adventure Places-7.Abraham Lake (Canada)

Abraham Lake (Canada)

Abraham Lake is the largest artificial lake in Alberta, Canada, located on the North Saskatchewan River in the western part of the province. It covers an area of 53.7 square kilometers (20.7 square miles), and has a length of 32 kilometers (20 miles). Although it is man-made, it still retains the transparent blue color of the glacial lakes in the Rocky Mountains, and has a completely different dreamy scenery in winter and summer.


Abraham Lake was built in 1972, and was named after Silas Abraham, a native of the Saskatchewan River Valley in the 19th century. [1] The lake was created by the construction of the Bighorn Dam, which was built by the former Calgary Power Company, now TransAlta, to generate hydroelectric power. The dam has a capacity of 120 megawatts, and can provide electricity for about 100,000 homes. [2]

Natural Phenomenon

Abraham Lake is famous for its unique “frozen bubbles” phenomenon in winter. The bubbles are formed by the methane gas released by the decomposing plants on the lake bed. When the lake water begins to freeze, the bubbles are trapped under the surface, creating a unique landscape. Therefore, Abraham Lake has become a popular destination for photographers. [3]

The frozen bubbles are not only beautiful, but also dangerous, as they can explode when ignited. The methane gas is flammable, and can cause fire or explosion if exposed to a spark or a flame. Therefore, visitors are advised to be careful and avoid any open fire near the lake. [4]

In summer, Abraham Lake has a different charm, as it shows the emerald color of the glacial lakes. The color is caused by the rock flour and particles carried by the glaciers that melt in the summer. The rock flour and particles reflect the sunlight, creating a turquoise hue. The lake also offers a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains, and is a good place for fishing, boating, and camping. [5]


Abraham Lake is one of the most dangerous and beautiful places in Canada, and has attracted many visitors for decades. It has also inspired many books, movies, TV shows, and games, that explore the various aspects and possibilities of the lake. Whether it is a natural or a man-made phenomenon, Abraham Lake remains a source of wonder and intrigue, and a challenge for the curious and the adventurous.

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